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Miles Davis

Miles Davis HTML discography
A hypertext discography of Miles Davis by Peter Losin. (Also listed by sessions)
As that discography was "partial and selective" there are still some
  • missing links / (ZIPped data files) - this list is maintained here.
  • The Paintings of Miles (More at the Yunnan Art page).
  • Some Books on Miles.
  • More Miles. Peter Losin's links.
    The Man With The Horn. Michael Abner´s Bootleg Overview.
    Kind Of Blue. A German MD site

    Local music links

    JazzRadio The Berlin Jazz Radio station.
    Jazz in Berlin. Addresses and Links!
    JazzFest Berlin. Dates and announcements. (Formerly known as "Berliner Jazztage")
    The Free Music Production (FMP) organizes the Total Music Meeting and the Workshop Freie Musik.
    A-Trane. Live Jazz in Berlin.
    Quasimodo. Live Jazz in Berlin.
    Jazzkeller Treptow. Live Jazz in Berlin.
    Badenscher Hof. Live Jazz in Berlin.
    Yorkschlösschen. Live Jazz in Berlin.
    Konzert-Tips. Concerts in Berlin.
    Jazz thing. Jazz journal (in German).
  • My "Hörfahrplan": Radios time schedule. My daily preferences.
  • Shops.

    More Music links

    The Real Mingus Web
    The official Charles Mingus Homepage
    Charles Mingus
    Esa Onttonen's Charles Mingus Homepage
    John Coltrane
    Esa Onttonen's John Coltrane Discography
    Keith Jarrett
    Mirko Caserta's Keith Jarrett Discography
    European Free Improvisation
    Peter Stubley's web site with pointers to resources concerned with free improvisation from Europe.
    Dutch Jazz home page
    Ed Boekee's web site with pointers to resources concerned with the Dutch jazz scene.
    RoJaC - Robert's Jazz Corner
    Robert Steubenrauch's web site with pointers to resources concerned with the Austrian jazz scene.
    The Jazz pages
    Frank Schindelbeck's web site with photos of jazz artists and infos concerning the German jazz scene. Some musicians homepages. Tour dates.
    The Jazz-Institut Darmstadt
    A public research archive on jazz.

  • The Can.
  • German Rock Music. Locally maintained discography.
    Calyx, the Canterbury Web Page
    Elephant Talk
    The King Crimson site.

    Music Resources on the Internet
    A directory of music resources with pointers to all kinds of stuff.
    The Klaus-Kuhnke-Archiv für Populäre Musik.
    Detailed track infos.
    Poll Star The Concert Hotwire
    Dates / venues of Live concerts.
    The Tape Trader Network
    The All-Music Guide
    with 192.000+ Albums online
    The Artist Shop
    Various "Progressive" labels, Jazz, World music, ...
    October 13th, 1999

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